Purchase and sale of wood

We buy all types of forest assortments. We buy timber at the stump (we handle harvesting and forwarding) or at roadside landings (harvesting and forwarding are handled by the original owner).
We ensure:
-    Competitive pricing
-    Payment within 30 days
-    Fair use of weights and measures

We sell wood at roadside landings or via direct delivery to customers. We sell coniferous logs (spruce, fir, pine, larch):
-     A, B, C quality grades
-     Sanded wood
-     Pulpwood
All our coniferous logs are cut to a length of 4 metres (+10 centimetres). Different lengths are available subject to prior agreement.
We sell all types of deciduous trees.
-    Logs
-    Firewood
Deciduous trunks are trimmed depending on their quality/imperfections, starting at 2.5 metres.