Timber harvesting and forwarding

Our team prides itself on its professional approach and experience. Harvesting is done by hand or using machines and we also provide forwarding services. Machine harvesting is gaining ground in Slovenia. It enhances job safety and, compared to manual techniques, provides a faster, more efficient solution for clearing natural debris (damaged caused to trees by high winds, snow, sleet).

Our John Deere 1070E Harvester (harvesting) and John Deere 1010E Forwarder (forwarding) are among the smallest units in their fields. In the capable hands of our operators, their state-of-the-art design and compliance with technical standards enable us to do our work with a high degree of quality.
In areas not suitable for machine harvesting, harvesting is done by hand with a team of 10 loggers. We provide harvesting and forwarding services for both smaller forest plots as well as larger areas.

We also provide all silvicultural and forest-safety services.
When forwarding timber, the need often arises to build or renew forest infrastructures. Using reliable contractors, we construct or rebuild forest roads.




Notification of the auction log 2022

The auction organizers inform, that this years auction will take place at the new location along the main street Slovenj Gradec - Podgorje. The location itself is located in the proximity of: Koroška kmetijsko - gozdarska zadruga, Podgorska cesta 97a, 2380 Slovenj Gradec.

Delivery of logs: 3.1.- 18.1.2022
Timber viewing: 25.1.- 4.2.2022
Bidder opening: 4.2.2022 at 10.00 am
The Open Day: 18.2.2022 - only if the epidemiological conditions will allow!
Carting away: 23.2. - 15.3.2022

Jeromel Jože: +386 41 321 099
Jeromel Klavdija: +386 41 867 052