Timber harvesting and forwarding

Our team prides itself on its professional approach and experience. Harvesting is done by hand or using machines and we also provide forwarding services. Machine harvesting is gaining ground in Slovenia. It enhances job safety and, compared to manual techniques, provides a faster, more efficient solution for clearing natural debris (damaged caused to trees by high winds, snow, sleet).

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Purchase and sale of wood

We buy all types of forest assortments. We buy timber at the stump (we handle harvesting and forwarding) or at roadside landings (harvesting and forwarding are handled by the original owner).

About the company

Our team is made up of individuals who, through their knowledge and experience in their individual fields of expertise, come together to form a highly efficient collective.

We provide services throughout Slovenia, and of course, the European open market provides opportunities for cooperation outside the borders of Slovenia. Our services encompass:

  • Timber harvesting and forwarding
  • Purchase and sale of wood
  • Wood transport
  • Private forest management

Besides the sustainable management of your forests, we also offer expert consulting in forest planning management.